Multi-media Installation


Installation I:
Untitled: Site Specific Installation
A video projection slowly and obscurely documents a hand crocheted sculpture installed in a Queenslander bathroom in Brisbane, Australia. The sculpture’s form redirects the flow of the water and light, transforming the sound and essence of the space.
April 2011
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Installation II:
Operation Jawbreaker
Site-specific Installation; a large jawbreaker (12cm diameter) deteriorates over time as a steady water drip escapes from a an acrylic molded vessel emerging from a ceiling tile.
April 2009

Installation III:
Untitled (The Tension Between Us)
A garment crocheted from monofilament hangs amongst two video projections that loop simultaneously. The first video reveals the artist crocheting the garment using only her bare hands while the second depicts the artist inviting a male counterpart to tighten the garment by pulling on its various extensions.
March 2011

Site-Specific, Installation, Projection, Sculpture